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We are one of the oldest and nature caring campsite owners Near Pawna lake. Our Pawna Lake Campground is located at Village Name Gevhande Khadak.

If someone is planning for trekking camping adventure nearby Pune and Mumbai, then Pawana Lake is becoming more popular destination for campers trekkers, travelers and adventure seekers.

Pawana Lake is backwater water storage lake for Pawana Dam located near Lonavala, Pawna Lake Region is surrounded by hills and mountains where many ancient and historical places are present in between forts of Maratha worriers are standing with proud, For name Tikona, Tung(KathinGad), Lohagad, Visapur, etc are the most favorite trekking spots for trekkers. One who is searching for Trekking places near Mumbai and Pune is must visit destination. Although if you have previous experience of trekking please keep guidance with expertise before trekking in sahyadri, if you didn’t find any contact person contact us we will help you for same..

Pawana Lake is 3-4 hrs of journey from mumbai and 1-2 hrs from Pune. In between you can visit famous hill station Lonavala. Now days Lonavala is getting over crowded place hence the reason Pawana Lake is taking attraction for tourist for last few years.
Camping Near Pawana Lake is Continuously increasing attention of campers searching camping Near Pune and Mumbai. Increasing tourist attractions is increasing food and shelter options for tourist day by day..

Story behind telling all informative is we Artless Campers owes a campground near Pawana Lake with providing you natural and Pure experience of camping with safety as priority.
For Camping Near Pawana Lake we have almost tie-ups with maximum campsites, food and shelter service providers and owners, we also have our own ideal campsite located near Pawana Lake, but according to your need we can arrange a camp for you, if you have no idea about camping our team is always ready to help you for customizing package and trips nearby with best deal assure…

A One Night Camping Near Pawna Lake


  • Day I – 4.00 Pm check In, Tent Allocation, Tea & Breakfast.
  • Day I – 5.30 Pm Sunset at PAWANA LAKE.
  • Day I – Enjoy Free Outdoor Games
  • Day I – 6.30 Pm bonfire
  • Day I – 7.30/8.00 Pm Make your Barbecue & Night Bonfire
  • Day I – 9.00/9.30 Pm Dinner
  • Day I – 11.30 Pm Bed
  • Day II- 6.30 am – 8.30 am Tea & Breakfast.
  • Day II – 8.30 am – 10.00 am Enjoy Small Games.
  • Day II – 10.30 am – 11.00 am Check Out.
Camping Schedule Pawna Lake Artless Campers Camping Near Pune


We pay tax – We care for natural Camping – We take care of your safety at first priority

We care about cleanliness instead of growing infrastructure

We make sure to provide what we said during booking, We do not wrong promise to our customers

we have largest space for parking and tent pitching

We take care for individual privacy and safety and comfortable camping with basic needs

Frequently Asked Questions

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Attractions and places to visit

during one night camp at Pawna Lake.

Tikona Fort – Bedse Caves – Tungi Fort – Lohagad Fort

Visapur Fort – Ajivali Van Rai

lost(water submerged) ancient Temple Of Wagheshwar