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Artless Campers is a registered concern under various local and state authorities, Aim of starting such activity for us is to avail maximum number of campgrounds to people searching for camping with family and friends, corporate outing, school vacation events or for annual trips etc. Statistical data of outdoor tourism says that number of outdoor companies are increasing their area of business. Here at ARTLESS, we provide them opportunity to take their outdoor trips at our campgrounds. our journey is started by availing our first campground at PAWAN, Khadak Gevande, near Pawana Lake. We are looking forward to exapnd our campground venture in the famous areas of Amboli, Mahabaleshwar, Bhimashankar, Revdanda Beach, Niwati Beach etc.

Excellent management profile for the said projects are gathered to give a perfect blend for dymistifying natural experience of camping and adventure activities. Management consist of much experienced co-ordinators, planners, executors & volunteers.

If someone is planning for trekking camping adventure nearby Pune and Mumbai, the Pawana Lake is becoming more popular destination for campers trekkers travellers and adventure seekers.

Pawana Lake is backwater water storage lake for Pawana Dam located near Lonavala, is surrounded by hills and mountains in between forts of Maratha worriers are standing with proud, For name Tikona, Tung(KathinGad), Lohagad, Visapur, etc are the most favorite trekking spots for trekkers. One who is searching for Trekking places near Mumbai and Pune is must visit destination. Although if you have previous experience of trekking please keep guidance with expertise before trekking in sahyadri, if you didn’t find any contact person contact us we will help you for same..

Pawana Lake is 3-4 hrs of journey from mumbai and 1-2 hrs from Pune. In between you can visit famous hill station Lonavala. Now days Lonavala is getting over crowded place hence the reason Pawana Lake is taking attraction for tourist for last few years.
Camping Near Pawana Lake is Continuously increasing attention of campers searching camping Near Pune and Mumbai. Increasing tourist attractions is increasing food and shelter options for tourist day by day..

Story behind telling all informative is we Artless Campers owes a campground near Pawana Lake with providing you natural and Pure experience of camping with safety as priority.
For Camping Near Pawana Lake we have almost tie-ups with maximum campsites, food and shelter service providers and owners, we also have our own ideal campsite located near Pawana Lake, but according to your need we can arrange a camp for you, if you have no idea about camping our team is always ready to help you for customising package and trips nearby with best deal assure…

We have categorized Camping in Following categories according to need :

1.Camping for Weekend or holidays

relaxing & rejuvenating experience after hard working week days, we have our campgrounds are fully equipped with tent accommodation, washroom facilities, delicious food service, campfire & barbecue, few indoor & outdoor games, etc.

2.Adventure for weekend or holidays

Energetic & Adventurous experience after boring regular week days, our campgrounds are located in areas where one can experience trekking, Rappelling, Paragliding, boating, fishing, Valley crossing, etc. Where we arrange experts from outdoor industry they arrange activities as per requirement. Few of our campgrounds are located near forest & beach where one can experience wildlife & scuba diving. Overall experience gives you feel to be young & energetic.

3.Research Outing

Researcher from wildlife & archeological survey are in search of place where they can camp & do their surveys , our campgrounds are located in areas from where such research areas are foot step ahead. We also have developed butterfly garden on our camp ground where students can do their project on butterflies .

4.Camping for Bikers, & Rally drivers

Biking & Rally driving sports is increased now days, and such sporty people were always in search of place between there route for camping & our campground location is located near such routes which gives such people easy access for their accommodation.

5.Camping for Schools, colleges & corporate

We arrange events on our campgrounds for schools, colleges & corporate for their vacation & official outings.

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