Camping In India

Camping Near Pune

Our journey is started by availing our first campground at PAWNA (a camping site near pune), Khadak Gevande, near Pawna Lake. We are looking forward to expand our campground venture in the famous areas of Amboli, Mahabaleshwar, Bhimashankar, Revdanda Beach, Niwati Beach etc.




Artless Campers is a registered concern under various local and state authorities, Aim of starting such activity for us is to avail maximum number of campgrounds to people searching for camping with family and friends, corporate outing, school vacation events or for annual trips etc. Statistical data of outdoor tourism says that number of outdoor companies are increasing their area of business.

Here at ARTLESS CAMPERS, we provide them opportunity to take their outdoor trips at our campgrounds perfectly located amidst nature so that you can enjoy your camping near Pune.

Excellent management profile for the said projects are gathered to give a perfect blend for dymistifying natural experience of camping and adventure activities. Management consist of much experienced co-ordinators, planners, executors & volunteers.